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You work hard for your money and when you invest those hard-earned monies or when you rely on your employers benefits for protection and financial help, you need to know if you are on the right path.

We at NMIN Advisor are here to help, with almost 50 years of experience we can guide you down that road to retirement, with sensible, logical and guaranteed way to help you at retirement and explain your benefits in simple terms.

Why should you talk with NMIN Advisors? Consider the following:

  • 29% of adults save none of their annual income for retirement.
  • 30% of workers say that they worry about their personal finances and benefits while at work
  • 30% of Americans are not at all confident about their retirement savings or benefits.
  • 37% of workers expect to retire after age 65.

After reading the above statistics, the need for talking with us becomes clear.

We will review your employee benefits – both the Core Benefits and your Voluntary Benefits so you will understand them and explain to you how your 401k, 403b, 457 or TSP works and how to use one to your advantage.

You could also attend one of our free, Educational Workshops*. No selling, no products, no obligation, just peace of mind. These programs are offered by NMIN Advisor and NMIN Educator Alliance.

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*Most of the programs will be taught by a Certified Financial Fiduciary with over 45 years of experience.