Foundation Health provides:

  • Affordable access to health care with easy-to-use benefits that start right away
  • Set dollar amounts that help you pay for office visits, hospital stays, lab work and more
  • First-dollar benefits with no deductible or copay to satisfy
  • Access to telemedicine services and Well Card discounts on prescriptions, vitamins and more with a L.I.F.E. Association Membership
  • Discounts on covered health care services when you visit network providers

Foundation Health offers predictable, easy-to-use benefits

This plan is different than other health insurance plans. It pays pre-set dollar amounts for specific health care services. The benefit you receive for a certain health care service is the same regardless of where you receive your care or how much your provider charges

Those services include:

  • Doctors office visits
  • Daily Hospital Charges
  • Admission Benefit
  • Emergency Room visits
  • In-Patient Surgery
  • Out-Patient Surgery
  • Ambulance Charge
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • X-ray & Lab Benefits

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