Products & Services

NMIN Alliance offers health and life insurance and income protection products just like what’s offered through a traditional workplace plan. NMIN Alliance products are more affordable. We pass on the group savings to you! NMIN Alliance products also allow for a more open eligibility – most products are Simplified and Guarantee Issue so everyone can get coverage. Could it be any simpler?

Don’t want to talk to a Representative? . . . . No problem. Most of our products can be enrolled on-line, quickly and confidentially without a Representative. Some of the other products available may require a Representatives assistance, either in person or on the phone (your choice) but, if you have questions or just want more information, it’s just a phone call or an email away.

You may have heard of a new benefit called Financial Wellness. We at NMIN Alliance have been helping employees understand their 401k, 403b, 457 or TSP their voluntary and core benefits for over 35 years so it’s nothing new to us! So if you want to really understand how your benefits work and if you even need them, call us for a no obligation, no pressure appointment.

NMIN Alliance Advantages


  • Consolidated billing
  • Single payroll slot
  • Individual choice of payroll deduction, list bill or bank draft
  • Online billing, document imaging and forms management
  • ACH/EFT collection and payment

Other Services

  • COBRA Administration
  • 403(b) and 457 qualified plan self-compliance module
  • Section 125, FSA and cafeteria plan services
  • “Click & Chat” interface
  • viaNMIN enrollment software

You have choices!

  • Single payroll slot
  • Custom product mix
  • Pre-packaged benefits
  • Payroll deduction, list bill, bank draft
  • Enrollment by Agent, Web, Phone and/or Paper

NMIN Alliance is the insurance and financial planning affiliate of NMIN Educator Alliance and Sure Card Benefits Group, and we would be happy to design benefits and plans that can be tailored made for your group, company or organization.

Some Benefits We Have Currently Available Include

Life Insurance (term, whole life and Guarantee Issue Senior Plan), Cancer, Supplemental Health, Limited Medical, Major Medical, Short Term Health, HSA, Accident, Vision, Dental, Automobile, Homeowners, Renters Insurance, Critical Illness, Pet Insurance and an exciting benefit for Travel and other purchases.

Check out Quick Quote and Apply to see just how easy it is to get coverage!