NMIN Alliance brings you insurance benefits that are anything but average. Now association members can enroll for benefits at group pricing. Using NMIN Alliance means you can view and enroll in products that have been made available by your association.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. And you won’t receive a call from an agent unless you request one.

Why purchase insurance benefits through NMIN Alliance?

  • No physical exams or other requirements except with The NMIN Advisor
  • Only a few medical questions or Guaranteed Issue on some products
  • Enroll on the internet, phone or email
  • Plans available for your spouse and/or children

Join the Alliance today and find out how you can protect yourself and your family for prices that you would normally expect with group insurance!

Associations Questions & Answers

What does working with NMIN Alliance get you?

  • Opportunity to enroll in unique, affordable insurance products
  • Enroll online day or night, 365 days a year
  • You can request an agent’s help, otherwise you will not receive a call
  • We can enroll members nationwide, simply and effectively.
  • Choose from products like Universal Life, Cancer, Limited Medical, and more
  • Points of Care Pharmacy Program
  • Custom designed products for your Association and so much more!
  • Our own enrollment software viaNMIN for ease of enrollment

What are the benefits of buying my insurance through NMIN Alliance?

  • Cost advantages associated with group membership
  • No physicals, usually just a few medical questions or Guaranteed Issue
  • Practically everyone can qualify
  • Plans are available for your spouse and/or children

What is the cost of membership?

The cost of Membership is free because of the agreement between your association and NMIN Alliance For a closer look at some of the products available Click Here

To get some communication started, just Click Here.

If you would like NMIN Alliance to design a benefit portfolio for your Association please submit our Association Checklist for our review.We will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.

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