Guggenheim Life and Annuity

The retirement landscape is changing. The days of the secure pension and gold watch at age 65 are long gone, and Americans are living longer, which means that early planning puts time on your side. However, whether you are 10 years from retirement or already retired, you want your money to work for you and to last as long as you live.

TriVysta is a single premium, deferred, fixed indexed annuity. A tool that allows you to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, diversify within one contract, and can provide a living benefit of income that can last as long as you live.

TriVysta presents to you balance and stability by offering The Power of Threeâ„¢ annuity index strategy. There are 3 indexes that the TriVysta annuity offers within one contract, providing diversification through simplicity. You may allocate funds to one, two, or all three indexes, allowing you the ability to take advantage of differing market conditions. Each index provides a variety of strategies or indexing methods you may elect, to align with your personal financial goals.

This Guggenheim video explains the accumulation potential and the optional income rider where the benefit base grows at interest credit + 4% compounding for 20 years.

Guggenheim Video on the MSDSI Index

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