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Educators have an option other than being part of a local, state or national union contributing to the questionable or offensive practices of that union.

Our subsidiary company, NMIN Educator Alliance provides affordable insurance and other member benefits without being involved in political or non-educational issues.

Members of NMIN Educator Alliance will have access to, scholarships, classroom mini-grants, updates on current education issues professional resources and financial planning assistance.

As a non-union educator association, NMIN Educator Alliance is committed to helping the educator without any outside influence. We are solely for the education employee, with 46+ years of experience working with all educational employees from K – 12 to college level at all levels of employment, NMIN Educator Alliance has the experience and know how to help the educational community. NMIN Alliance also brings you optional insurance benefits that are anything but average. Now you can enroll for benefits at group pricing 24/7/365 by being a member of NMIN Educator Alliance.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. And you won’t receive a call from a Representative unless you request one.

Why join NMIN Educator Alliance?

  • ID Theft, Legal & Tax Plans are only a few of the benefits that come with membership
  • Optional benefits usually only available from your employer
  • Join via the internet, phone or a Representative

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