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NMIN Alliance brings you insurance benefits that are anything but average. Now employees can enroll for benefits at group pricing. Using the benefits from NMIN Alliance means you can view and enroll in products that have been made available by your Employer.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. And you won’t receive a call from an agent unless you request one.

Why Purchase Insurance Benefits Through NMIN Alliance?

  • No physical exams or other requirements.
  • You can enroll with or without an agent
  • Enroll on the internet, phone or email
  • Any benefit plan is available plus custom designed products.
  • Our own enrollment software viaNMIN for ease of enrollment

We would be happy to submit a proposal on any individual or group benefit that you have interest in. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us, if we don’t have it we can custom designed product for you.
To get some communication started, just click here.