Who can enroll viaNMIN? Practically anyone. But it’s not a

“free for all” … It’s an organized system. Check it out.

Insurance Companies- Many fine companies have chosen
viaNMIN as an enrollment partner. Companies such as
The IHC Group, Selected IMO’s, LSW and Legal Club of America.
Any company can use our enrollment services and custom design,
just contact us and we will explain how easy it is.


Agents- If you are an agent who wants “ease of selling”, you’ll
find it viaNMIN. Are you are a worksite agent looking for custom
products and easy enrollment? It’s available to you now viaNMIN.
Get all of your products placed on one enrollment platform with
one password to log in and one slot for premium payment – that
equals easy sales… viaNMIN!


Third Party Administrators- Place all your online enrollments
on one customized platform, with a single payroll slot and
electronic premium transfers to your account. You can simplify
your enrollment processess…viaNMIN.

Employers- You can get internet, phone, laptop and paper
enrollments for your voluntary plans viaNMIN. We can put all your
benefits online and provides a seamless premium collection to your
insurance companies. We can coordinate your benefits and do the
enrollment for you. Ask about a stealth enrollment for no on-site
agent activity.


Association/Unions- These groups have unique challenges
because of the possibility of nationwide membership, limitation of
product choice because of the possibility of no commonality of
membership and collection of premium (most will be bank draft to
multiple companies). ViaNMIN can coordinate all plans with unlimited
number of companies on one custom site with internet, laptop, paper,
and phone enrollments – with one premium collection slot for all


Individuals- Our insurance site nminalliance.com has a number of
products online and ready for your consideration -GAP Medical, Life,
Critical Illness, Accident, Cancer and Disability. Insurance is either
guarantee or simplified issue… that means it’s easy. You won’t have
to worry about appointments or physical exams.