Can you enroll products from various insurance companies

together on one platform? You can…viaNMIN.

A lot of great products are enrolled viaNMIN and
are tailored to fit your group. Products like…

  • Critical Life, Whole Life, Term Life
  • Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospitalization
  • Dental, Vision, Disability, GAP Medical
  • Legal, Sure Card Benefits, and more

You can enroll core and voluntary products
viaNMIN. One simple interface. One payroll slot.
No burden on you. It’s possible only viaNMIN.

Many fine companies have chosen or considering
viaNMIN as an enrollment partner. Companies like…

  • The IHC Group
  • Ameritas
  • LSW
  • Selected IMO’s
  • Legal Club of America

These are just a few of the companies in the mix.
We’re adding enrollment partners all the time. So if
you don’t see your favorite company listed, don’t
fret…viaNMIN can add yours to the list and have it
working only for you. It’s that simple.